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Survey/Quiz Matrix
IFusionSoft Web Services
Survey Matrix is the first of it's kind to do online clinical studies. Using the Survey Matrix intelligent form-flow system, your company can benefit from proven results in reducing the overall cost, overhead and complexities of trial studies. Improve overall efficiency, feedback and reporting significantly. With Survey Matrix, create applications, questionnaires, surveys or any type of form.

Forms created with Survey/Quiz Matrix look and function great on the Android Smart Phones.

Quiz Matrix uses the powerful Survey Matrix software engine to create impressive quizzes. Keep track of quiz takers, grades and more.

Install and use Survey Matrix thru Salesforce CRM

Solar Tree Energy Performance doubles panels

Energy efficiency is improved the more the Sun's rays are in-line with the solar cells. The straighter the path, the less of an angle there is. This angle between the Sun and cells is called Angle of Incidence or AOI. The greater the angle, the less efficient energy collection is.

The angle of incidence (AOI) is descreased by a tree over a solar panel. Because the panel is only tilted at one angle and only facing one direction, the AOI is always increased on either side. Only when the Sun is directly perpendicular to the panel does it recieve the least AOI. When the AOI is 0, you have a perfect straight line from the Sun to the panel. Sun rays are only approaching 0 AOI for a very small window when using a panel during the day. It is why panels are so inefficient (panels are 6-17% efficient). To improve or reduce the AOI, expensive solar tracking equipment is used.

IP to Location

Make it quick and easy for your web applications to locate users. This web service returns the zip code, longitude, latitutde, city, region, and area code. The service covers the entire globe!

  Developers: How to use these Web services in your applications

Solar Energy Innovation
iSolar Tree

The video introduces an early patent-pending prototype. Highly scalable, portable, adjustable and collects light from all angles

Twice as effecient as solar panels rated at the same wattage. The Tree outputs 600W of AC power per hour.

The tree will directly power large LCD TVs (and numerous other devices). The tree will recharge a 100Ah battery in only 1-2 hrs of Sunlight.

In a recent test, the tree was tested in mid-May on a mostly clear day from 3:45 to 4:30pm. The tree charged a 50 amp battery from 9.05v to 10.45v in 45 minutes.

Visit the Solar Tree site for more information.

Tree reduces AOI from all sides

With the tree's spiral pattern, there are cells catching or optimizing the AOI from every angle, and no expensive tracking equipment is necessary to achieve it. With the branches tilted at 22-45dg from each side, it is similar to having a panel positioned at each angle.

Tree reduces cell temperatures

Cell temperatures also affect performance. As the cell temp rises above the standard operating temp of 77f, the cells operate less efficiently and there is a voltage drop. Heat in this case may be thought as electrical resistance to the flow of Electrons. Airflow on all sides of the cells is critical to remove excessive heat build-up, which causes high cell temperatures.

Full-Service Custom Web and Mobile Application Development
We have done major Web and Mobile applications for various clients using all the latest technologies including Java, .NET, MSSQL, Oracle, JQuery, Android SDK and much more.

Need help with your next project? Give us a call at 701-516-2325 or Contact Us using the contact form.

Savannah AI for Android (Powered by iSpeech)
greeting Savannah AI Android Virtual Assistant

Download from Google Play

Savannah AI for Android is a powerful, very knowledgable and fun virtual assistant that asks and answers questions. Ask him anything or perform over 40 phone actions with your voice from calling to texting and much more.

The main features include:

- Knowledge acquisition and retention (basic learning)
- Reads incoming text aloud
- 40 time-saving voice commands
- Always shows last text msg.
- Always shows last missed phone call
- Schedule multiple/reminders to-dos .. reminds you for the whole day (the day they were scheduled for)
- Voice to Math. Converts voice to math equations.
- Easy voice texting/calling
- Play music (songs/albums)
- Find/Map places
- Navigate to places
- Launch websites, apps
- Show/clear missed calls, texts
- Toggle Ringer mode(vibrate, silent, on)
- Toggle Speaker phone mode (speaker on/off)
- Toggle Wifi/Bluetooth (on/off)
- Send Email with your voice
- Tells Jokes!
- Bluetooth voice commands
- Ability to reject/block/ignore calls
- Ability to auto-answer calls
- Ability to create dynamic shortcuts based on your most recent voice actions

Click here for the latest commands and features


Virtual Online Consultant

Why use it, how does it work?
No plugins to install, or software to download. Give your clients and visitors 24/7 realtime online help from your website. An inexpensive, easy to manage, powerful tool that can be set up and running in on your site in minutes. Put a VirtuaRep to work for your business online now!

A VirtaRep can answer and ask questions, make recommendations, and 'sell' more of your products and/or services. The VOC can also give surveys, email sales reps with customer requests for further consultation on a particular service or product and more!
Demo Linda |Demo Management Console | Contact Us for more Info

How do I use it on my/our Web site?
Drop a few lines of code onto your Web page that will have the link to V-Rep. Manage VirtuaRep 2.0 using a Web based Management Console. Using this console, you will be able to add knowledge, define your VirtuaRep's basic personality characteristics, view conversation logs and more.

Sagan AI
I provide the best answer to virtually any question right here, without you having to search through a bunch of answers on the web. Just click the 'keyboard' link on the right to start a session.
Choose Mode:
You talk by: Sagan talks by:
 Keyboard Text to screen
  • Chat with Sagan about anything. He is super knowledgable, so be sure to ask a lot of questions.
  • Need a stock quote? Just tell Sagan 'stock' and the stock tag. For example, 'stock msft'.
  • Need dating advice? Just tell Sagan 'dating advice' and the subject of that advice. For example, 'dating advice selfish girl'
  • .